This is a Non-Commercial Web Site
"This Is A Non-Commercial Critical Commentary Cyber-Gripe Web Site"

The Supreme Court Has Written, Online 
"Any Person With A Phone Line Can Become A Town Crier 
With A Voice That Resonates Farther Than It Could From Any Soapbox."

"This Is A Non-Commercial Critical Commentary Cyber-Gripe Web Site"

This Disclaimer is the Personal Opinion of Mort Sullivan, the General Manager(s) of the Limited Liability Company Heartland Times, LLC (Newspaper) and Environmental Associates, LLC  The "LLC) has prepared this Web Site solely for the purpose of providing Non-Commercial Critical Commentary Cyber-Gripe Web Site Information to protect all interested Businesses, Organizations, Families, Women's Organizations and Voting Citizens, and inform them about the Enviromental Associates, LLC and the Hazardous Materials in the Northwest Corner of I-80 and 13th Street, Omaha, Nebraska.  These Hazardous materials are going into the Missouri River that is a Federal Waterway. These Limited Liability Companies have attempted, in good faith, and their Personal Opinions, to ensure the information presented in this Web Site is accurate and up to date and every effort will be taken to to keep it current and accurate, and most of the the information presented on the Web Site has been taken from their Own Investigations, Past Documentation, Court documents, State Complaints that make it Public Record, and all types of Public Information concerning, but there may be some inadvertent (technical and factual) inaccuracies and typographical errors in the information presented.  The LLC disclaims all representations and warranties (both express and implied) regarding the accuracy, completeness and/or suitability of the information presented on this Non-Commercial Critical Commentary Cyber-Gripe Web Site for any purpose. In no event shall the LLC be responsible for the consequences associated with the use of this information.  In no event shall the LLC's be responsible for the consequences associated with the use of this information and all family names, religious names, church names, members names and neighbors, addresses, phone numbers, signs, places of employment, management and all personal opinions relating to this problem.  The LLC reserves the right to make changes and corrections to the Information provided on this Web Site at any time without notice, and will attempt to keep it current so everyone will know the truth about the Hazardous Materials Area Located in the Northwest Corner Of I-80 & 13th Street. 

          This is a Web Site that provides Personal Opinions, links to other sites, solely for the convenience of all interested parties.  The LLC disclaims any and all liability for any errors and/or omissions which may appear in publishing of e-mail addresses and phone numbers or other links and such links shall in no way be deemed an endorsement or recommendation of the city, state, federal government law information.  The addresses and phone numbers and links to other court cases shall be treated as Public Information since the elected persons is printed and distributed it to the public during election time and all Their Personal Information can be found in Public Records.  The Heartland Times, LLC (Newspaper) may be printing a "Special Addition" Newspaper "Environmental Associates" and also a Radio Station that will tell all the information about "Hazardous Materials Location", so all citizens will be able to access this Web Site in the Future and we will continue to use all our the High-Technology available to accomplish their goals. 

          The pictures, graphics, text, music, flags or sounds presented in this Web Site are the exclusive property of the Combined Companies of Heartland Times, LLC (Newspaper) (Environmental Associates, LLC) and Radio Station will tell the "Personal Opinions" of all persons involved in it's creation, and this Web Site may be copied, sent, forwarded, distributed, displayed, reproduced, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without any kind or prior written permission of the Heartland Times, LLC and Newspaper) Environmental Associates, LLC.  Use of this Web Site and/or any of the information or links to other sites shall constitute your acceptance of these terms and conditions of use. 
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